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  • canyons Southeastern


    Köklüce (Habeş) Canyon

    Habeş Canyon on the banks of the Euphrates River, known to locals as "Habeş Creek," fascinates visitors with its historical structures and virgin nature. The 8,650-meter-long canyon attracts the attention of mountaineering enthusiasts and is suitable for hiking and trekking. There are sloping trails along the canyon and camping sites that can accommodate two to three tents.

    The canyon is divided into four sections after the Septimius Severus Bridge, a late Roman bridge on the transit routes of ancient civilizations.

    Oaks, Mount Atlas mastic trees (Pistacia atlantica or, in Turkish, melengiç), kermes oaks, and plane trees can be found along the shores of the stream flowing through the canyon. Where the water is deep enough, you can swim.