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  • canyons Eastern


    Çoruh Valley

    Located in the province of Erzurum city, Coruh Valley is an internationally recognized biodiversity hotspot. The valley, which starts from the north of Erzurum, has narrow and deep straits. The Çoruh River flows through the canyon and the valley, crossing the city of Artvin and entering the borders of Georgia. It is considered the world’s fastest-flowing river.

    White-water kayaking and rafting are very popular here. Water sports enthusiasts come from all around the world to take in the scenery and experience the excitement offered by the lively river. In fact, the 4th World Rafting Championship was held here in 1993.

    Çoruh Valley is also famous for its biodiversity. It is an important area in terms of flora and as a bird habitat. There are also many species of butterflies here.

    Saklıkapı Canyon

    Saklıkapı Canyon, which begins at the shores of the Karakaya Dam lake and runs along the 2.5 km long line between the districts of Baskil and Keban in Elazığ Province, is a canyon that was discovered by pure chance.

    In recent years, the canyon has drawn attention with its height that ranges between 20 and 200 meters, the karstic topography, and the large variety of plants. Karaleylek Canyon is near Saklıkapı Canyon and features steep cliffs, karstic cave formations, and historical cave settlements.


    Other Canyons in the Eastern Anatolia Region

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